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how much I injoyed Christmas and how much work it was when I was raising my childresn.

My children would make ornaments for the tree. One year we made some from nustshells and other things. They learned how at the Christmas Craft Fair at our ementary school. These ornaments had pictures inside. Of course we also made garlands from colored construction paper as well as popcorn strings. I think we even made strings of cranberries one year to hang on the tree. We always seemed to have a good size tree,

and it was loaded with homemade decorations as well as "store-bought" ones. With 7 children there was plenty of help. I think we had a Star for the top for a while, and also an Angel at one time.

The very most fun in my memory was making and frosting Chistmas Cookies!! All of the children helped. Some took turns stirring th batter (you could sneak a lick, maybe) . Everyone helped cut out the Chistmas shapes. We had angels, bells, trees, santa claus, holly leafs, and maybe some others. I would mix up from four to six colors of confectioner's sugar icing. We had a long kitchen table that would seat all of us. We would all sit around and decorate the Cookies. Needless to say, a lot of the icing got "inside" and on the table, chairs and so on. The children were all very good about helping to clean up. In those earlier days we had fun together and we worked together too.

On Christmas Eve all the children would take their bathes (no protests! tomorrow was Christmas!), hang up their stockings, and then we would all gather in the living room and I would read the Story of Christmas, every year.

The children are now tucked in bed and sound asleep (or mostly, anyway). But my night is just beginning. First, I have to finish wrapping gifts for seven children! I always saw that each one had at least six presents; some pretty good ones, and some less expensive. Neither Bill nor George would help me with this, but would keep me company until falling asleep. I enjoyed these quiet times preparing for my chidrens Morning.

Morning usually came too soon for me. Some years I had a couple hours sleep, and some years I just barely finished when the children awoke, about four or five A.M. of course. Our tradition was for everyone to get up and gather around the tree. Then the children would take turns playing Santa Claus, and passing out gifts. I always made them wait til one child's present was opened before another opened one. They sort of "strained at the bit" about this, bur enjoyed the increased anticipation and an opportunity to show off their gifts. I always purchased lots of dates, figs, nuts, oranges, apples, and bananas, with which to stuff the stockings. This was our Christmas breakfast, and sometimes lunch, too. And, naturally, all those cookies!


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